Input from experienced professionals

The annual self-publishing conference attracts speakers from across the self-publishing industry. Previous keynote speakers have included Alysoun Owen (Editor, Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook), Bridget Shine (Chief Executive, The Independent Publisher’s Guild), Orna Ross (Alliance of Independent Authors), Mick Rooney (The Independent Publishing Magazine), Angus Phillips (Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies) and Caroline Sanderson (The Bookseller magazine).

Other previous speakers include Cressida Downing (The Book Analyst), James Peak (Essential Music), Aki Schilz (The Literary Consultancy), Louise Jordan (The Writers’ Advice Centre for Children), Clive Herbert (Nielsen Book), Dr Alison Baverstock (Kingston University), Debbie Young (Alliance of Independent Authors), Stephen Booth (crime author), Jane Corry (author), Kate Nash (Nash Literary Agency), Andy Vosper (Sales Director TJ International Print), and many others.

Speakers offer advice and expertise on everything from making sales and getting book reviews, to publishing an ebook and editing manuscripts. There is usually time throughout the day to get to speak to speakers on an informal basis during breaks.

Speakers are happy to share their expertise and experience, good and bad, with delegates; many authors attend the event who have already self-published and most are more than happy to discuss their experiences with other delegates.

A choice of sessions for authors...

For most authors the prospect of publishing your own work can be daunting. Book or ebook? Print ‘on demand’ or print in advance to enable bookshop distribution? Editing, layout, cover design, marketing, getting books sold… few people can be experts in all aspects of self-publishing, which is why most authors considering this route choose to seek expert help to fill gaps in their own knowledge.

The Self-Publishing Conference offers something for most authors, with sessions on all aspects of publishing, ranging from writing through production, marketing and distribution, and all points in between. In addition, the event offers a unique opportunity for authors to meet with like-minded people, to swap ideas, hear from and ask questions of those working within the self-publishing world, and to spend time with other authors… writing can be a lonely occupation!

The conference is designed so that delegates can tailor the day to suit their own particular knowledge gaps, all within an informal and relaxed atmosphere. As well as over 16 sessions to choose from, the registration fee includes all refreshments, lunch, a drinks reception and a ‘goody bag’!

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Provisional Speakers at the 2022 conference

Industry Expertise...

The speakers at the conference are all experienced professionals with specialist skills across the self-publishing industry. They can offer a wealth of information spanning decades and will provide information and advice covering:

  • Editorial
  • Book Production (Typesetting, Cover Design)
  • Marketing (Books and Ebooks)
  • Analysis on trends within self-publishing
  • Insight into specialist publishing fields
  • Workshops on specific topics